Episode 14

Published on:

28th Nov, 2023

Episode 13

Published on:

26th Nov, 2023

Episode 12

Published on:

19th Nov, 2023

Episode 11

Published on:

12th Nov, 2023

Episode 10

Published on:

5th Nov, 2023

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About the Podcast

Towards Connection
I?m willing to take risks and get uncomfortable in an Australia-wide search for what brings people meaning and connection
Do you have enough connection and meaning in your life? What does this even mean and why does it matter?
Follow me – Kai, on a camping trip around Australia, meeting people who have found meaning and connection in their life.
Learn how they discovered it, how it has changed their life and why it is so powerful.
Then, join me as I try their activity out for myself, throwing myself into it with genuine curiosity and unbridled effort in an attempt to bring more meaning and connection into my life… who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to try something new yourself.

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